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Property Management - Greater Manchester

Velvet Property Management uses ANTARYS Cloud to advertise, build and manage all of their properties, they achieve this by creating a bespoke and complex platform available on a wide variety of devices allowing for easy responsive access for their clients and staff along with providing them with the ability to run a light web app allowing them to simplify the user experience with plenty of performance headroom.

Lisa Maria,

Founder and CEO, Velvet Property Management

Indie Film Productions - Greater Manchester

Key Stone is able to deliver content to viewers quickly, accessibly and easily creating an indie film production platform and film zine to fulfil any indie film-maker or general film buff with the ability to easily grow with the company, ANTARYS Cloud allows Key Stone Productions to reach their large audience and provide more than just a simple website.

Oliver Bridges,

Founder and CEO, Keystone Productions

Ethan Bloor,

Founder and CEO, Keystone Productions

Turning indie tales to film.

Barista recipes at home

Altice Café delivers a variety of unique recipes served efficiently and speedily with ANTARYS Cloud, offering a web app to all of their users to quickly pick what to shake up next.

Miguel Declan,

Founder and CEO, Altice Café

Agriculture - Alentejo, Portugal

ANTARYS Cloud has revolutionized how we tend to our olive farm here in Portugal. It’s more than just technology; it’s become an integral part of our daily routine. With its monitoring prowess, we’ve fine-tuned our agricultural practices, ensuring optimal resource usage and a healthy crop yield. From tracking water usage to optimizing sunlight exposure, ANTARYS Cloud has made our operations more economical and sustainable, allowing us to nurture our olive groves while staying true to our heritage.

Nuno Parreira,

Founder and Farmer, Brava Estate

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